Saved my life

I attended this middle-class wedding and I knew bringing a food taster along is a good decision. In the end the poor taster had to eat all these cheap entrees.

Tasters tested everything

Cooking without tasters is like software development without automated tests. Just don't do it.

Best wedding!

Normally, food at weddings sucks. They have to cook everything hours in advance, so it can be transported, set up and reheated again in time for the reception. Yuck. That is why I brought a taster with me the last time I went to a wedding. He tasted all this awful food and pointed several things that were freshly made at location. Good wedding.

Almost got poisoned

My business friends recommended hiring a taster for my recent overseas business trip. Good idea. The taster almost died after eating an apparently poisoned food.

Now I can cook

My husband always complained that my cooking is not very good. I hired a professional taster, who provided some tips on how to make the food edible.

Kindergarten connoisseur

My 3yo son complained about food quality at the kindergarten he goes to. I had enough of it and hired a professional taster to figure out if the food there is really that bad. After week of eating sliced apples and mashed potatoes he stated that the food is up to standard. I told my son if he can eat dirt and sand, he can also eat kindergarten food. Still packing him snacks so he doesn't get hungry thought.

Happy marriage

We used to fight with my husband over which food is good and which is not. For example, I loved the steaks at mcConnelly's, but he said they were soggy and overcooked. We hired Mike from Boutique food tasters and he testified that the steak was in fact overcooked, made in microwave from bulk frozen store-bought package. Now I know.

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